Record Keepers Criteria
(Approved August 1, 2002)


A boxing registry seeking approval from the Association of Boxing Commission must make a written application verifying that all criteria have been met.

1)                 A boxing registry must maintain office hours between 7:00 AM until 9:00 PM Eastern Standard Time, Monday through Friday.

2)                 A suspension list of all boxing contestants, managers, seconds and promoters must be maintained on an Internet website, which shall be updated three times per week.  (The Internet site must indicate when the last update occurred)

3)                 A boxing registry must have accurate records, backed up by commission generated boxing reports, which are verifiable back to 1985.

4)                 A boxing registry must provide either faxed photocopies or electronic boxing records to ABC member boxing commissions when requested to do so within one hour of the original request.

5)                 A boxing registry must be capable of sending electronic records via the Internet by January 1, 2004 to member boxing commissions only.

6)                 A boxing registry seeking approval by the ABC must provide a satisfactory credit history from an independent party to be shared with the President and Board of Directors of the ABC.  An unsatisfactory credit report will result in the boxing registry application being denied.

7)                 A boxing registry must provide a federal identification number to each boxing contestant that is unique to that individual boxing contestant.

8)                 A boxing registry must provide free of charge blank federal identification cards to member boxing commission.

9)                 A boxing registry must submit a written fee schedule for requesting records.

10)            A boxing registry must maintain a list of boxing contestants who have been issued federal identification numbers and must be sorted by issuing commission.  As well as an alphabetical list containing all boxers who have been issued an identification card. This list must be either listed on an Internet website or must be able to be electronically emailed when requested by a member commission.  The boxing registry must note the expiration date of each federal ID card issued.

11)            A boxing registry must list the follow as a minimum on each boxers official record:

  1. a) name
  2. b) federal identification number
  3. c) date of birth
  4. d) aliases/ring names
  5. e) weight ( for each fight)
  6. f) opponent
  7. g) result
  8. h) must indicate left or right handed if information is available
  9. i) date federal identification number was issued
  10. j) date federal identification number will expire
  11. k) a running list of medical and disciplinary suspensions, (which shall include dates suspensions were lifted)
  12. l) any medical tests that were ordered on a boxer listed on the member commission results sheets

12)            A complete back up of the entire data bank must be completed once every twenty-four hours.  Offsite storage must be provided for the back up files. Backlogs must be provided within 48 hours of request from the ABC.

13)     Must publish an annual book of records sent to each Commission at no charge.

14)     Records must be kept on all boxers, United States, Canadian, European, Asian, Mexican, and South American.

15)       Boxing Officials Registry for world title bouts sanctioned by the International Boxing Federation (IBF), World Boxing Association (WBA), World Boxing Council (WBC) and the World Boxing Organization (WBO).