July 30, to August 1, 2018

ABC Minutes Orlando, Florida

30th Annual Association of Boxing Commissions Conference

Day 1 July 30, 2018, Welcome by President Mazzulli

Introduction of Members

President Mike Mazzulli

1st Vice President Brian Dunn

2nd Vice President Frank Gentile

Treasurer Lydia Robertson

Secretary Joe Walsh

Welcome by Mohegan Sun Athletic Commission Director, ABC President Mike Mazzulli.

Approval of 2017 Minutes presented by Joe Walsh, ABC Secretary

Approval – Moved by Brian Dunn; Seconded.

Presentation from Deb Chase, presented on a proposed medical database.

Presentation by Lydia Robertson, Treasurer, Finance Chair – (Handout)

Financial Report Approved – moved by Trista Robischon; Seconded by Haskell Alexander.

Discussion of Proposal.  The ABC Executive Committee has been addressing the issue of how to address members that have either quit the ABC or are otherwise not in good standing (i.e., unpaid dues).  There was a lengthy discussion regarding a proposal from one of the members.

Presentation by Richard Hering WWE Vice President.  Presented on the value of not regulating professional wrestling.


Presentation by President Mazzulli, tribe from New Mexico.  Proposal to make Pueblo of Pajoque Tribal Commission full voting member of the ABC.  Previous events overseen by Ernie Gallardo. Mr. Gallardo recommended full admission.  Pueblo Pojaque Tribal Athletic Commission, moved by Mr. Gallardo, Jeremy Arenson, seconded.  Opened up to discussion. No discussion. Motion passed unanimously on a voice vote. Members of Commission were introduced.

Presentation by MMA Rules & Regulations Committee presented on the effects of 2016 rule changes.  The Committee reported the rules are working and are deemed safe at this time. The rule set has been adopted around the world.  Some American Commissions are still not using the unified rules of MMA.

WBC Presentation The WBC presented and discussed their charitable fund and other issues.

LUNCH PRESENTATION BY BOXREC, presentation from John and Marina Shepard; provided awards to the hardest working people in the business.

Presentation by Christy Martin, professional boxer, boxing promoter.  Discussed the challenges of promoting as a smaller promoter.

Presentation by Daniel Franco, professional boxer, suffered catastrophic injury.  Discussed the need for safety in boxing. Recommended more frequent brain scans and testing.

Presentation by John English, New Hampshire.  Presented on the ABC Charitable Fund.  Gave information on what the Fund has done.  Poked fun at ABC Board of Directors. Nearly cried.

Presentation by Greg Sirb, Pennsylvania.  History of weight cutting and weigh ins.  There was a vigorous discussion of all the issues surrounding extreme weight cuts.

Presentation by Dr. Aliffe, Presented on TBI and CTE as well as the use of cannabis to treat these conditions.

President Mazzulli talked about USADA information being placed on the database.  He stated it has been a positive tool for commissions. Matt Showalter discussed the processed used to place the information on the database.

Presentation by Dr. Estwanik, presented on the importance of mouth piece.  Inspection of the mouthpiece should be standardized and it should be done at the medical evaluation.

Mr. Harris Rosen, owner of Rosen Shingle, Welcomed Convention to Orlando.

Presentation, Ethics, Code of Conduct, by Mark Langlais, CT.  Discussed the importance of ethics and consistency particularly as it relates to inspectors.

Day 2 July 31, 2018

President Mazzulli opened the day and thanked those who attended Casino Night.  It was a raging success.

Presentation by Kim Sumbler.  Presentation discussed a number of innovative medical changes made within the New York State Athletic Commission.

Presentation by Greg Sirb.  Boxing Rules Committee update.  Rule clarifications. Only the referee can stop the bout.  Groin protection is not rib protection. Must have two mouth pieces.  20 seconds off canvas. Timekeeper cannot ring bell during a count at end of round.  Cannot be saved by bell in any round. Must go 4 rounds to go to the score card. Score all partial rounds.  Dropped the mike. 

Presentation by MMA Rules Committee.  Explanation was provided of policy recommendations.

  1. KO vs. TKO Definition.  The act of knocking out.  The condition of being knocked out.  Unable to continue fight. Clarification:  KO is when a fighter CANNOT intelligently defending self.  TKO is when a fighter IS NOT intelligently defending themselves.  Focus on a fight-ending sequence.
  2. Greasing between rounds.  Allow grease between rounds if supervised by a qualified cut man or licensed cornerman.
  3. Accidental foul ends the fight.  Current standard: 2/3 or 3/5 rule.  Halfway plus one second. 1, 2, 4 round fights halfway plus one second.
  4. Clear Definition of when the referee’s discretion ends.  The proposal is to have the referee’s discretion end for calling the bout when the inspectors or commission personnel enter the cage.  This allows the referee the discretion to disqualify a fighter when a fighter violates the rules even after the bout has been stopped for some reason.

Presentation by Boxrec.  Provided awards to commissions.

[Presentation should be attached to website]

Motion by Brian Dunn; seconded by Georgia, Matt Woodruff:  To make Boxrec.com the sole, official record keeper of the ABC for boxing.

Discussion:  Recognized Adam Roorbach (Kansas), Chairman Boxing Registry Committee voted 9-1 to move this out of committee, Jody McCormack, Alabama contended that Fight Fax breached contract; Greg Sirb, Pennsylvania, praised Fight Fax When we started the ABC it would have failed if Fight Fax had not been there; had Pat English recognized to comment.  “More boxers would have died over the last 30 years but for the work Annibal Miramontes.” President Mazzuli made comments.

Motion to Amend by Greg Sirb; seconded by Ernie Gallardo:  To also require Commissions to provide results to Fight Fax.

Discussion:  Jody McCormick opposed amendment; motion was clarified mandatory language; Mike Mazzulli spoke.

Procedural matters were discussed.  Parlimentarian determined proper procedure.

Roll Call Vote:  Amendment failed on a roll call vote.

Further discussion on original Motion.

Points of Order/Clarification.  The term of the agreement was discussed as well as costs.

Motion to Amend 2:  To limit the official record keeper designation for the next two years.  Motion to amend by Jeremy Arneson, Wyoming; seconded by Cindy Stinnett, Kentucky.

Passed on a hand vote:  24-6.

Original Motion as amended:  To make Boxrec.com the sole official record keeper of the ABC for boxing for the next two years.

Sirb spoke on the motion.

Moved to close discussion by McCormick, AL, seconded by Woodruff, GA.

Passed on a hand vote:  34-2.


Presentation by Mixedmartialarts.com.  They presented on the new features of Mixedmartialarts.com.

Adam Roorbach – please update all contact information to Mixedmartialarts.com

[Presentation should be included]

Presentation by Medical Committee.  Detailed description of proposals by Chairman Andy Foster.  Weight cutting is the biggest problem in both problems. Changed to proposed rating criteria which the ABC provides recommendations for under federal law.

  1. Extreme weight cutting is cheating. And dangerous.
  2. 8, 10 and 12 round titles have Second day weigh ins.  No more than 10 percent weight increase. If a fighter misses weight – cannot get title fight.  If miss twice, 18 months out of ratings.
  3. January 1, 2019 effective date.

Dr. Schwartz

Dr. Muzzi

Dr. Lucas

Dr. Estwanik

All presented on the dangers of dehydration, electrolytes, lack of glucose and starvation.

General discussion:  Sumbler, NY: limiting rehydration.

Comments from the sanctioning bodies.  Mr. DeLeon from WBC; Mr. Mack from WBA; as well as the Mr. Decure WBO.

Motion by Haskell Alexander; seconded by Mark Langlais.  Discussion.

Greg Sirb proposed 3 amendments.  2 were withdrawn, 1 deemed not topical, relevant or germane.

Various nonmembers were recognized to speak by voting members.

Motion to call the question by Foster, seconded by Mazzulli.

Motion passed on a paper ballot vote.  33 Yes. 1 No. 2 Abstain. Paper ballots retained by Secretary for inspection.

Presentation by Shirley Stunzi from Calgary Commission.  Recommended Associate membership to Medicine Hat and Central Combative Sports.  Speeches by both chairpersons.

Motion by Grant of Seneca to recognize Medicine Hat Combative Sports Commission as associate member, seconded by Sumbler.

Motion by Gustafson, Oneida, to recognize Central Combative Sports Commission with continued oversight, seconded by Bowler, Utah.

ABC Charitable Committee Report – Most Generous Commissioner of Year – Joe Walsh, Iowa.  

$7,835.00 Gross; $6,396.00.  42 percent more than last year.  

Day 3 July 26, 2017

Presentation by Legal Committee, Joe Walsh and Pat English.  Legal Committee is up and running. English described the Muhammad Ali Act and the importance for members to read and enforce it in their states.  The ratings criteria adopted by the ABC should be adhered to by the sanctioning bodies under the Muhammad Ali Act. Perfection is the enemy of good.

Vendor Presentations.

MMA Rules Committee Vote.

Proposal 1.  Scheduled 1, 2 and 4 round fights shall be decided at the halfway point plus one second.

Moved for adoption by President Mazzuilli, Seconded by VP Dunn.  No discussion. Passed unanimously on a voice vote.

Proposal 2.  KO is when a fighter CANNOT intelligently defending self.  TKO is when a fighter IS NOT intelligently defending themselves.

Moved for adoption by Adam Roorbach, seconded by Arneson, Wyoming.  No discussion. Passed unanimously on a voice vote.

Proposal 3.  Grease may be applied between rounds by a qualified cut man or a licensed second under the direction of the referee.

Moved for adoption by Jody McCormick.  Seconded by Scott, Utah. No discussion.  Passed unanimously on a voice vote.

Proposal 4.  Authority of a referee.  The referee’s authority shall begin when commission staff leaves the cage until they reenter the cage at the end of the fight.

Moved for adoption by President Mazzulli; seconded by Mark Langlais.  Some discussion which devolved poorly through improper procedure.

Presentation by Dr. Muzzi, President ARP, Wide-ranging presentation on head injuries, CTE, TBI.


Presentation on Facial Lacerations by Dr Larry Lovelace, Past President, ARP.  Comprehensive presentation on lacerations.


Presentation by Dr. Michael Schwartz, Treatment of concussions and brain injury.  Potential development of drug or supplement to treat and/or prevent brain trauma.



Presentation by Dr. John Neidecker, VP ARP, Presentation on Management of Concussions.  Concussions are individualized injuries requiring individualized treatment. Return to sport protocol.  Computerized Neuropsych tests. Impact. Baseline test.


Presentation by UFC on sports drinks.

Presentation by USA Boxing Mike McAtee

Next Year ABC Convention:  Lydia Robertson and Trisha Blackstock.  Scottsdale, Arizona

Motion to adjourn.  Skip, DC and Seconded by NC.

Voting Commissions in Attendance (3 other commissions present did not turn in voting sheets)

1 Seneca Jackie Grant

2 Mashantucket Pequot Mai Provost

3 Three Affiliated Tribes Kenny Lyson

4 Pueblo of Pojoaque Rafaela Sanchez

5 New Hampshire John English

6 Pete Suazo Utah Scott Bowler

7 Nebraska Brian Dunn

8 Florida Patrick Cunningham

9 New Mexico Gavin Pantoja/Richard Espinosa

10 Oneida Indian Nation Dan Gustafson

11 Oregon Trista Robischon

12 Kansas Adam Roorbach

13 Chickasaw Haskell Alexander

14 Alabama Jody McCormick

15 North Dakota Brandon Wilson

16 Minnesota Eileen McNiff

17 Seneca Nation Victor Redeye

18 Tennessee Carter Lawrence

19 Hawaii Alan Taniguchi

20 DC Adam Weers

21 Arizona Francisco Meneses Jr.

22 Pascua Yaqui AC Ernie Gallardo

23 Wyoming Jeremy Arneson

24 New York Kim Sumbler

25 Connecticut Mark Langlais

26 Idaho Tom Katsilometes

27 Texas Lee Parham

28 St. Regis Mohawk Tribe Elliott Lazore

29 Nevada Jeff Mullen

30 Oklahoma Mike Bower

31 Siletz Tribal AC Barry Kessinger

32 Comanche Nation James Kreger

33 North Carolina Terrance Merriweather

34 Pennsylvania Greg Sirb

35 California Andy Foster

36 Kentucky Cindy Stinnett

37 Mississippi Jon Lewis

38 Georgia Matt Woodruff

39 Mohegan Sun Mike Mazzulli

40 Iowa Joe Walsh