Finance Committee

Lydia Robertson, Chair & ABC Treasurer,
Frank Gentile, FL
Elliot Lazore, St. Regis Mohawk
Gary Litchfield, MA
Lee Parham, TX
Trista Robischon, OR
Greg Sirb, PA
Alan Tanachuci, HI

Medical Committee

Mr. Andy Foster of CA – Chair
Dr. Michael Schwartz of CT – Co-Chair
Dr. Larry Lovelace of OK
Dr. Tad Seifert of KY
Dr. Andy Gilliland of WV
Dr. Don Muzzi of MN
Dr. Joe Estwanik of NC
Dr. Greg McKinney of AR
Dr. James Robinson of AL
Dr. Scott Morioka of HI
Dr. Ton Depuydt of WA
Dr. Mike Cantrell of AL
Dr. Nicholas Rizzo of IL
Ms. Noelle Perez of Request a Test –
Ms. Jan Hubbard of Medlic –
Mr. Jody McCormick of AL –
Mr. Pat Reid (Canada) –
Ms. Nancy Illg of IL –
Dr. Paul Wallace of CA
Dr. Angela Gagliardi of NY