This contract is made this day of , 20 at (City) , (State) , by and between (manager) (License No. _ _ __) of the state of (hereinafter “Manager”) and (boxer) (Federal ID No. / of the state of _______ , (hereinafter “Boxer”)
COMMISSION As used in this contract, “Commission” shall mean the Boxing Commission of the State/Tribe of ____________

TERM In consideration of this contract, and subject to the approval of this contract by the Commission, the parties hereunto bind themselves for a period of _________ ( ) years from the dates of _________, 20 through ________, 20 . This contract may not be extended beyond its initial term unless, a new contract, mutually agreeable to the parties, is executed.

COMPENSATION Boxer shall pay directly to Manager, or as a deduction from the amount remitted by the promoter, (____%) of all purse monies paid to Boxer as a result of Boxer participating in a boxing contest. Provisions for the payment of any training expenses, travel expenses, bonuses, stipends, loans, or any other monetary agreement between Manager and Boxer shall be set forth in an addendum to this contract; and if the provision for such payment is not listed as part of such addendum, it shall not be enforceable.

ACCOUNTING In regard to each boxing contest in which Boxer is contractually obligated to participate, Manager shall provide Boxer with a detailed accounting of any deductions made from the purse monies earned by Boxer including deductions for training expenses, travel expenses, bonuses, stipends, loans, or any other advances.

BOXER AGREES: Once Boxer agrees to participate in a boxing contest or exhibition, Boxer shall take all steps reasonably necessary to prepare himself or herself for the contest or exhibition. Boxer agrees not to take part or engage in any boxing contests or exhibitions unless Boxer has obtained the written permission of Manager to do so.

MANAGER Manager agrees to secure for Boxer a minimum of ______ bouts per calendar year. At no time shall the AGREES: boxer make less than $_______ per year for participating in boxing contests and exhibitions.
In the event there is any suspension to or injury or illness of the Boxer or his opponent, the obligation of Boxer and Manager relating to the minimum bouts, timing of the bouts, and the terms of this agreement shall automatically be extended by the period of time necessary to reschedule the postponed bout. If during the term of this agreement the boxer is mentally, physically or legally incapacitated to such an extent that Boxer is rendered unable to participate in professional boxing contests, the obligations of the Boxer and Manager relating to the minimum bouts and terms of this agreement shall automatically be extended by the period of such incapacitation(s).

Manager agrees to make no contract for a boxing contest without the express agreement and approval of Boxer.

Manager agrees to use Manager’s best efforts to secure remunerative boxing contest and at all times to act in the best interests of Boxer.

Manager agrees to make no contract for a boxing contest where Manager has a direct or indirect contractual interest in Boxer’s opponent unless Manager fully discloses such interest to Boxer and Boxer approves.

LICENSURE At the time of making this Contract, Manager and Boxer shall be licensed by the Commission with which this contract is filed, or, if not so licensed, submit an application for such licensure within (10) days of the making of this contract.

Boxer and Manager agree that if either is duly notified that their license has been revoked, suspended or denied by the Commission, the contract may be declared null and void. If Manager’s license is suspended by the Commission, then Boxer may contract individually or with any other manager for his or her services during said period of suspension. Manager shall not be entitled to any of the proceeds of Boxer he or she earns during said period of suspension.

ARBITRATION If the state or tribal law does not grant the Commission the authority to arbitrate disputes under contracts between boxers and managers, the parties may, at their option, if both agree, submit such disputes to private arbitration. The parties are free to utilize the Commission as an arbitrator if the Commission becomes so authorized during the life of this contract.

NO CHANGES Boxer and Manager both certify and promise to each other and to the Commission that no changes in modification of or addition to this contract is valid nor will it be enforceable unless it is made as part of this contract in writing and approved by the Commission.

TERMINATION Other than by it’s own terms this contract may be terminated only by the Boxer and Manager executing a written release of the contract. Any termination of this contract must be approved by the Commission unless the contract expires on its own.

This contract constitutes the sole agreement of the parties, and Boxer and Manager both certify and promise to each other and to the Commission that Boxer and Manager have no other oral or written agreements with each other concerning Boxer’s earnings, Manager’s compensation or any other aspect of Boxer’s career. Boxer attests that Boxer has no managerial contract with any other manager, and will not enter into any other managerial contract during the term of this contract.

Boxer and Manager agree to comply with the laws and regulations pertaining to boxing in this state or tribal organization and in all jurisdictions where Boxer is to participate in bouts arranged by Manager.

Boxer and Manager agree to fulfill in good faith the terms and conditions of this contract during the period covered by this contract.

The relationship between boxer and Manager is personal in nature and this contract shall be construed as a personal service contract.

This contract is not valid until such contract is accepted and approved by the Commission.

The undersigned have read and understand this agreement:

_______________________________ _________________________________

(manager)                                                (co-Manager)-if applicable




Signature of Notary

State of ________________, County of ______________

Notary Seal:

Approved by _______________________________ __________________

(Commission Representative) (date)



This contract is made this day of________ , 20___, by and between ________ of the City of________ and State of________ , a boxing promoter duly licensed under the laws of the State/Tribe of________(License No. ) (hereinafter “Promoter”), and ________ of the City of________ and State of________ , and Federal ID # is________ (hereinafter “Boxer”).

Boxer agrees to enter into a boxing contest at the site location of ________in the City of _________, and State of _________ on the day of________ , 20___for ________ rounds to a decision with ___ of the State of _____________ and Federal ID# is________. This contest shall be at a weight not over pounds. Weigh-ins for the bout shall take place on ___________, 20___ at _______o’clock in the city of _________ and State of ___________. All weights shall be taken on scales as provided by the statutes and/or regulations of the State/Tribe of . Boxer must provide all required information including medical examinations to the applicable boxing commission in a timely manner.

Promoter shall pay Boxer, and Boxer shall accept, a purse in the amount of________ $ Dollars and, in addition, other Expenses as follows _________________________. All purse amounts shall be made immediately after the conclusion of the bout directly to the Boxer, unless otherwise agreed to in writing.

Promoter agrees to make no deduction from the purse monies to be paid to a Boxer unless Boxer agrees to such a deduction, and only if such a deduction is itemized as an addendum to this contract.

Should Boxer desire Manager to be paid directly by Promoter, Boxer must initial here _____, and the Manger must be currently licensed or have a manager’s license application on file with the Commission.

Boxer or Manager may not be entitled to the compensation described above or any part thereof if an official of the Commission decides that Boxer and Manager, or either of them: 1) Did not enter into the contract in good faith or had any collusive understanding or agreement regarding the termination of the match, 2) Boxer did not give a good faith exhibition of his/her skills, 3) Boxer and/or Manager has violated any of the laws, rules or regulations administered by the Commission.

Promoter shall pay to the Commission any compensation to be forfeited under the terms of the preceding paragraph. To the extent authorized under state/tribal law, the Commission shall thereupon dispose of said compensation in accordance with applicable statutes and regulations including, but not limited to: (1) forfeiture to the Commission, or (2) payment of all or a portion thereof to Boxer or Manager, minus any statutory/regulatory penalties. All parties agree to accept, and to be bound by, the decision of the Commission which shall be final.

In the absence of a statute or regulation to the contrary, it is understood and agreed that the weight of the gloves shall be _______. It is understood and agreed that the Commission must approve all gloves, and that all gloves will be furnished by the Promoter at his/her own expense.

It is understood and agreed that the rights and obligations of the parties hereto shall be governed by, and construed according to the laws of the State/Tribe of ________. The terms of this agreement shall, in all respects, be in conformity with the laws of the State/Tribe of ________, as well as the rules and regulations now, or hereafter, adopted by its Commission.

The Boxer understands by participating in a contest or exhibition of boxing, that the Boxer is engaging in an abnormally dangerous activity. The Boxer further understands that this participation subjects the Boxer to a risk of severe injury or death. The Boxer, with full knowledge of this risk, nonetheless, agrees to enter into this agreement and hereby waives any claim that the Boxer or Boxer’s heirs may have against the Commission and/or the State/Tribe of ________ as the result of any injury the Boxer may suffer as a result of Boxer’s participation in any contest or exhibition of boxing.


The parties, jointly and severally hereby indemnify and hold harmless the State/Tribe of _______ and the Commission, and each of their members, agents, and employees in their individual, personal and representative capacities against any and all claims, suits and actions, brought against the persons named in this paragraph by reason of this agreement and all other matters relating thereto, and against any and all expenses, damages, charges and costs, including court costs and attorney fees which may be incurred by the persons and entities named in this paragraph as a result of said claims, suits and actions.

If Promoter or Boxer breaches this contract, the non-breaching party shall have all remedies available at law or in equity.

Promoter and Boxer agree to fulfill, in good faith, the terms and conditions of this contract during the period covered by this contract. It is understood and agreed that if the Boxer enters into another contest prior to this bout and lessens his/her value, the Promoter shall have the option of modifying or canceling this contract. The Commission reserves the right to take any disciplinary action against the Boxer.

The promoter is responsible for and shall make all the necessary arrangements in accordance with Commission rules/regulations for said contest

OTHER ITEMS agreed to by Boxer and Promoter include: _____________________________

This contract shall be submitted to and approved by the Commission before weigh-ins.

No modification or amendment to this contract shall be binding upon the parties unless the same is in writing, signed by the respective parties hereto, and filed with and approved by the Commission.

PROMOTER (Signature) ________________________ Date_____________

BOXER (Signature) ________________________ Date_____________

MANAGER (Signature) ________________________ Date_____________

NET PAY = $_____________ DEDUCTIONS WERE: __________________

Boxer’s Signature ________________________ __________________



** A ledger sheet can also used to clarify what deductions were made from a boxer’s purse(example enclosed)