1)      ACTIVITY (fights in the last 2 years)

1 (or less)         +1


2)      RECENT RECORD            

Lost 5 or more in a row               +2

Lost 3 of last 4                              +1

 Won 3 of last 4                              -1


3)      KO or TKO

More than 4 in last 2 years          +3

3 or less in last 2 years                 +2

 Last fight by KO                          +1


4)      Age                            

Greater than 44                            +2

Greater than 35                            +1


5)      RING AGE               

Greater than 500 rounds             +1

Amateur experience

Each fight = 1 pro round

Greater than 5 years              +1


TOTAL SCORE:        

+3 – +4 = High Risk Category “C”

 +5 – +6 = High Risk Category “B”

+7 – +9 = High Risk Category “A”

Categories A, B, and C indicate the fighter needs further clinical evaluation by the commission and their medical advisory board before licensure. This scale is not meant to replace good judgment, but to be utilized as one objective tool to determine suitability to compete.


Basic Requirements Necessary for Medical Qualifications


            Requirement                                                              Validity

CT/MRI, brain scan                                                          (Baseline)

Dilated Eye Exam (Ophthalmologist)                          1 year

Hepatitis B, C, and HIV                                                    180 days

EKG                                                                                       Initial Only (if normal)

Complete History and Physical                                     1 year

Final Pre-Fight Physical (at the venue)                        3 hours

Serum Pregnancy Test                                                    14 days prior to contest



  1. Physician can stop the fight
  2. Ambulance w/ paramedics at the venue at all times
  3. Suspended boxer can be re-instated only by the suspending Commission
  4. Urine Test for illegal substances
  5. Disposable gloves for all officials-optional
  6. Bio-Hazard bags in the corners and in the dressing rooms
  7. No ringside flash photos
  8. Physicians attend boxing related Continuing Medical Education Course
  9. Medical Information Release


Minimum Automatic Suspension Times

TKO/KO   from head shots only – 45 days (no contest) 30 days no sparring

If a loss of consciousness has occurred, the boxer must have a brain scan and be cleared by a neurologist.

Motion by Greg Serb PA) for each individual Commission to start the process of the  implementation of the minimal requirements submitted in Exhibit 1 (stated above) from the medical committee, in their Medical Work-ups. Second by Wally Jernigan (NE), all members present voting.  MOTION PASSED UNANIMOUSLY