Association of Boxing Commissions

Criteria for the Certification of an MMA Registry

1. An MMA registry shall maintain minimum office hours between 9:00 AM and 9:00 PM Eastern Standard Time, Monday through Friday.

2. A suspension list of all fighters, managers, seconds and promoters shall be maintained on an Internet website and shall be updated three times per week. The Internet site shall indicate when the last update occurred.

3. An MMA registry shall have accurate and verifiable records, supported by only State Boxing or State Athletic Commission-generated “official MMA results”, for 5 years prior to the date of certification.

4. An MMA registry shall provide MMA records to member commissions, either directly or through a promoter or other third party, when requested to do so within one hour of the original request via facsimile or other electronic means.

5. An MMA registry shall provide the Association of Boxing Commissions (ABC) with an accurate and verifiable financial statement demonstrating the MMA registry’s financial ability, which shall be reviewed by the ABC President and its Board of Directors. If requested by the ABC, the MMA registry shall provide additional documentary evidence demonstrating that the MMA registry is financially stable.

6. An MMA registry shall submit a written fee schedule setting forth the charges attendant to its production of MMA records.

7. An MMA registry shall, at a minimum, list the following information as to each fighters official record:

a. name;

b. aliases/ring names;

c. date of birth;

d. place of birth;

e. identification number; with an annotation of “A” for “Amateur” or “P” for a “Professional” fighter.

f. Date when the number was issued;

g. date when the identification number will expire;

h. Opponent;

i. bout results;

j. a continuing list of all medical and disciplinary suspensions, including the dates when the suspensions were imposed and the dates when the suspensions were lifted; and

k. all medical tests ordered by a member commission including, but not limited to, tests listed on each member commission’s official MMA results.

8. An MMA registry shall have a complete back up of its entire data bank which shall be updated once every 24 hours. Offsite storage shall be provided for the backup files. The MMA registry shall provide its standard operating procedures for the backup files, as well as documentation that back up files exist, within 48 hours of a request from the ABC.

9. An MMA registry shall keep records on all fighters competing worldwide, including, but not limited to, records of fighters competing in the United States, Canada, Europe, Mexico, South America and Asia.

10. Applicants for certification shall be reviewed by a Committee, appointed by the President, to determine the accuracy and verifiability of its records, and shall provide such records and information, as requested by the Committee at no charge. Within 60 days of receipt of the application, the committee shall determine if the MMA Registry’s records are accurate and verifiable.

11. An MMA Registry shall demonstrate and maintain integrity and good moral character.

12. An MMA Registry shall not be affiliated, directly or indirectly, with a sanctioning organization, promoter, manager, or any entity having a financial interest in a Fighter.

13. The ABC shall review each MMA registry’s qualifications on a yearly basis, and this review shall include, but not be limited to, file integrity, accessibility, efficiency and ethical conduct. A certified MMA registry may be suspended or have its certification revoked, at any time, by the ABC for failure to comply with the ABC rules and regulations and/or for good cause.

14. The ABC shall select one (1) certified MMA registry as the “Official Certified Registry” that will be recognized as the official record keeper of the ABC.

15. The “Official Certified Registry” shall be the sole MMA registry to:

a. Provide official records, either directly or indirectly, to State Boxing or State Athletic Commissions and Tribal Commissions in good standing; and

b. Issue and maintain all identification numbers for professional and amateur MMA fighters in compliance with ABC written criteria.

16. The “Official Certified Registry” shall provide access to all of its MMA records to the ABC and its Board of Directors for official purposes at a fee schedule set by the ABC.

17. An MMA registry, if awarded the contract as the “Official Certified Registry,” must have the ability to coordinate, at no charge, the issuance of identification numbers for fighters to all ABC member Commissions. This shall include:

a. The assignment of an identification number to each fighter which is unique to that fighter;

b. The maintenance of a list of all fighters to whom an identification card has been issued which includes the expiration date of the identification card and which shall be categorized:

i. In alphabetical order; and

ii. By the commission issuing the card; and

c. Making the list available on the MMA registry’s website; and electronically transmitting the list to a member commission or providing the requested information to a member commission via telephone and provide free access to any suspension list regarding fighters, seconds, managers, promoters, etc.

18. The Official Certified Registry shall contract with the ABC for a five (5) year term during which this registry shall be subjected to a yearly review. The yearly review shall include an evaluation of the official registry’s overall performance and shall be conducted by the ABC President and its Board of Directors. The annual evaluation shall include, but not be limited to, file integrity, accessibility, efficiency and ethical conduct.

19. Should the “Official Certified Registry” not have its contract renewed, or if the contract is terminated for good cause, said registry shall agree to forward to the President of the Association of Boxing Commissions all of the information regarding identification numbers.

20. The contract between the ABC and the “Official Certified Registry” may be suspended and/or terminated, in whole or in part, at any time for failure to comply with the ABC rules and regulations and/or for other good cause.

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