Organizations Seeking Membership to the ABC

(Approved by the membership August 2, 2002)


To become a boxing commission member of the Association of Boxing Commissions, an Applicant shall comply with the following procedures:

• Remit the following information to the President of the ABC:

• A copy of the state statute or the tribal resolution, or other appropriate document, creating a commission to regulate boxing matches held in that State or Tribe’s land.

• A copy of the boxing rules adopted by the applicant which shall be at least as restrictive as the recommended regulatory guidelines of the ABC.

• Notification of the next scheduled boxing event to be held at least 30 days prior to the event.

• Allow a member of the ABC to attend not less than three boxing events subject to the following procedures:

• The President of the ABC shall designate an ABC member.

• The ABC member shall provide written feedback to the President of the ABC regarding the propriety of the organization’s regulation of the boxing events, including the organization’s compliance with the federal law.

• The applicant shall pay the applicable, reasonable expenses of the ABC member attending such boxing events.

• The President of the ABC shall provide written comments to the organization regarding the propriety of the organization’s regulation of attended by the ABC member and what, if any, changes need to be made.

• If no further concerns are present following the ABC member’s attendance at the three boxing events:

• The applicant shall submit a written request to the President of the ABC for membership.

• One or more representatives of the organization shall appear before the ABC at its next annual meeting to petition for membership.

• At its annual meeting, the ABC shall vote on the membership of the applicant.