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    Trisha Blackstock

    Arkansas is a small Commission and wonder how your state handles gear bag contents. Please mark yes or know and send back to [email protected]

    Yes No Question
    Have an Inspector stay beginning to end with each fighter
    Complete bag checks before team is admitted to dressing room
    Allow “Energy” ddrinks?
    Allow various other cut remedies? (If NO, that would mean only the standard 3 -adrenalin, throbin, avetine)
    Strange items like batteries, cologne , toothpaste?
    All types bandages and other topical medicines?

    Michael Mazzulli

    1. Just the start of the night for 1 hour than inspectors in the dressing rooms need to check the bags
    2.No energy drinks just water
    3.Just the 3
    5.Tape and gauze only

    Adam L. Burkhalter

    Wisconsin has one inspector per locker room usually. More on larger events.

    Inspectors check bags as they arrive in the locker rooms.

    Nothing with caffeine allowed. That goes for drinks or caffeine/stimulants in powder or pill form.Electrolyte beverages like Gatorade are allowed. Only water in the corner during the fight.

    Just the three you have listed.


    Tape, gauze and finishing tape (If they use it) only unless administered by the ringside physician after the bout.

    Brian Dunn

    In Nebraska we don’t regualrly check bags, but would have the right if deemed necessary. We don’t have individual inspectors with fighters, except in world title bouts. I don’t care if they drink energy drinks or whatever in the back, but only water in the ring/cage. We only allow event cutmen/doctors to apply grease or other cut remedies. Only tape and gauze on the hand wraps.

    Matt Schowalter

    Minnesota’s Responses

    1. Inspectors aren’t assigned to specific fighters, but an inspector is with a fighter from beginning to end (including bathroom breaks)

    2. No, bag checks are done in the locker room

    3. Only water and sport drinks (Gatorade) allowed in locker room

    4. Depends. Basic 3 are allowed, but if something outside the basic 3 is presented, ringside physician can approve use

    5. No

    6. Tape and gauze only

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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