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    Trisa Robischon

    Currently Oregon rules require that the promoter supply gloves for competitors of main events on a fight card for boxing and mma. It is clear that it was a boxing rule that when mma was added was applied to mma also. Most of the large promoters such as Bellator, UFC and even King of the Cage provide gloves for all competitors as a means of advertising for television. With a majority of our events being amateur, or pro am events, I am just looking for information from other commissions regarding gloves and the requirement for promoters to supply brand new gloves for main events? MMA gloves seem to be easier to detect tampering. I’ve been trying to find this in the rules of the commissions around the country but find that some have this rule and others do not. My questions is why would it be any different for a main event than with any bout when considering the integrity of the competition.

    Just looking for some feedback as we work toward rewriting many of our rules! Thank you!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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