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    Michael Mazzulli

    We have had many enquiries recently regarding the amount of tape used to wrap fighters hands. The current taping guidelines for MMA for the Province of BC were adopted from the New Jersey State Athletic Unified Rules of Conduct and are as follows:
    13:46-24A.5 Specifications for bandages on mixed martial artist’s hands
    In all weight classes, the bandages on each contestant’s hand shall be restricted to soft gauze cloth not more than 13 yards in length and two inches in width, held in place by not more than 10 feet of surgeon’s tape, one inch in width, for each hand.
    Are other commissions using this guideline? If so, how is the rule enforced?

    Thank you in advance for the responses!


    Danica Forsyth
    Program Administrator
    Office of the BC Athletic Commissioner

    Trisha Blackstock

    Consist of dry cotton gauze not more than 20 yards in length and not more than two (2) inches in width per hand;

    Have the cotton gauze held in place by white athletic tape not more than eight (8) feet in length and not more than two (2) inches in width per hand;

    We check all fighter and seconds bags, if there is any tape or gauze in the bag the inspectors take that away, and the inspectors also watch each fighter get their hands wrapped to ensure they are using the proper tape and gauze and wrapping their hands correctly.

    Arkansas State Athletic Commission
    Patrisha Blackstock
    Program Manager

    Brian Dunn

    In Nebraska, we are not too picky as long as they are only using tape and gauze. Our rule is the guideline, but I have never measured, only checked finished product.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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