2018 Conference Agenda

Final (updated 7/20) – Download PDF
Saturday, July 28, 2018
Start Time: End Time: Session Location:
7:00AM Golf Opportunity (green fees @ $54.00!)
8:00 AM 8:30 AM Officials & Attendees Registration Suwannee
8:30 AM 5:00 PM Boxing Official Judge Training -Duane Ford Suwannee 13-14
8:30 AM 5:00 PM MMA Official Referee Training -Jerin Valel /Anderson Suwannee 19-20
Sunday, July 29, 2018
Start Time: End Time: Session Location:
7:30AM Golf Opportunity (green fees @ $54.00!)
8:00 AM 8:30 AM Officials Registration Suwannee
8:30 AM 5:00 PM Boxing Official Referee Training -Jay Nady Suwannee 13-14
8:30 AM 5:00 PM MMA Official Judge Training – Jerin Valel/Anderson Suwannee 19-20
3:00 PM 5:30 PM Optional Inspectors’ Class Suwannee 14
6:30 PM 8:00 PM Personality Improvement Session & Sand Volleyball- bring tickets & dress for volleyball Lake Toho & Patio
Monday, July 30, 2018
8:00 AM 8:30 AM Registration Suwannee
8:00 AM 8:00AM Coffee (Chickasaw Tribe) Suwannee
8:30 AM 8:35AM Welcome Remarks by President Michael Mazzulli Suwannee18,19,20
8:35 AM 8:45AM Introduction of Members
8:45 AM 9:00AM Approval of 2017 Minutes & Finance Report
9:00 AM 9:45AM Record Keeping Databases, non-paying members, any other voting issues
9:45 AM 10:10 AM ABC Medical Tracking and database – Deb Chase
10:10AM 10:25 AM Rich Hering -WWE Vice President
10:25AM 10:40 AM Break
10:40AM 11:00AM Rule Changes & Outcomes – “Big” John McCarthy
11:00 AM 11:25AM Weigh-in times before fights (conclude on Wed)
11:30 AM 1:00PM BoxRec Luncheon & Tips for Commissions-Badge Required Conway Room
1:00 PM 1:15PM Surprise Boxing Celebrity- Christy Martin
1:15 PM 1:45PM Daniel Franco – Injured & Survived, His Story
1:45PM 2:05PM
CBDs and Therapeutic Cannabinoids-Dr. Aliffe & Del Jolly
2:05PM 2:15PM Retired Fighter Fund – John English
2:15 AM 2:25PM Break
2:25 PM 2:45PM Dr. Estwanick Medical Presentation
2:45 AM 3:05PM USADA Info – Matt Schowalter
3:05PM 3:25 PM Ethics, Code of Conduct & Operations
3:30PM 3:50PM Welcome by Mr. Rosen, Boxing Aficiando & Hotelier
7:00PM 9:00PM
CASINO NIGHT FUND RAISER – Benefit for Retired Fighters Lake Toho
Business Casual


Tuesday, July 31, 2018
Start Time: End Time: Session Location:
8:30AM 9:00AM Coffee (Mohegan Tribe) Suwannee 18-20
9:00 AM 9:20AM Report on New York – K. Sumbler
9:20 AM 9:50AM MMA Rules Committee Report
9:55AM 10:20AM Professional Boxing Record Keeper Update & Adjustments, Dr. Marina Sheppard
10:20 AM 10:30AM Break
10:30AM 10:45AM MMA Data Base, Jenness, Palmquist, Palmquist
10:30AM 10:45AM Medical Committee Update
10:45AM 11:15AM Boxing Rating & Criteria Update
11:00AM 11:25AM Cautionary Tale-Commission Implosion
11:25AM 11:30AM Housekeeping & Universal
11:30AM 1:00PM Lunch on your own
1:00 AM 1:15PM New Applicants as ABC Members
1:20PM 1:40 AM IBF Update – Daryl Peoples
1:40PM 1:50PM Charitable Foundation Report on Casino Night-Gustafason, English, Weisfeld – and Gifts
1:50PM 2:10PM Dr. Michael Schwartz
3:00PM 10:00PM Universal Studios HALF DAY & NIGHT TICKETS for ABC (Depart from Check in Lobby)
Wednesday, August 1, 2018
Session Location:
9:00 AM 9:20AM Legal Committee Report Suwannee 18-20
9:20 AM 9:35AM Vendor Introductions
9:35AM 9:50AM Boxing Rule Committee Report
9:50AM 10:25AM Conclusion for weigh in times discussion
10:25AM 10:40AM Break
10:40AM 11:05AM
Combative Sports & the Brain for Non-Physicians-Dr. Muzzi
11:05AM 11:30AM Facial Cuts that Should STOP a Fight – Dr. Lovelace
11:30 AM 1:00PM Lunch- on your own
1:00PM 1:25PM Management of Concussions – Dr. Neidecker
1:25 PM 1:40PM Acceptable Sports Drinks & Survey
1:40PM 2:15PM Bylaw Update Vote on Issues
2:15PM 2:25PM Break
2:25PM 2:35 PM Site Selection for 2019
2:35 PM 2:50PM USA Boxing Update
2:50PM 2:55PM Introduction of MMA Champion & Pioneer
2:55PM 3:15PM 2019 Officers & Transfer of Information: Walsh
6:00 PM 7:00PM Welcome Reception/Bring Tickets Level 2 Butler Rm
7:00 PM 9:00PM ANNUAL BANQUET-Business Dress Butler Room
Surprise Keynote Speaker: Royce Gracie Main Floor
*Agenda will be updated as required