On Saturday, June 10, 2017 the Association of Boxing Commissions gave an important announcement at the International Boxing Hall of Fame. This past weekend saw the inductions of such names as Evander Holyfield and Marco Antonio Barrera and many of other names of renown. Michael Mazzulli, president of the Association of Boxing Commissions (and head of the Mohegan Department of Athletics) and Daniel Gustafson, Executive Director of the Oneida Indian Athletic Commission were on hand during the weekend’s lecture series to present the news.

The Association of Boxing Commissions has formally created a Charitable Fund to benefit retired participants of the combative sports industry. Gustafson elaborated, “The ABC By-Laws have contained language about creating such a fund, but previous administrations had never taken action to make it happen.” He credited Mike Mazzulli and his Board of Directors in this important step to give-back to those who have given so much to the combative sports. (Officers are elected by the ABC Membership every two years).

Mazzulli spoke and said, “The Association of Boxing Commissions already has the application on the ABC site, (http://abcboxing.wpengine.com/charitable-fund- request/ABCBOXING.COM) and look forward to those first recipient gifts which will be made this summer at the 29th Annual ABC Conference.” Mazzulli also committed the ABC to remain involved and a relevant participant of the rich history represented by the International Boxing Hall of Fame.

The ABC Charitable Fund Board is comprised of seven (7) members, with the requirement that three be from actively participating members of the ABC. Those three are: Michael Mazzulli, Joe Walsh (Iowa), and Daniel Gustafson. The remaining members are Lydia Robertson, AR (Treasurer of the ABC), “Big” John McCarthy, NV (MMA Referee and trainer), Steve Weisfeld, NJ, (boxing judge, trainer, and elected as Treasurer to oversee the Charitable Fund,) and one position has yet to be appointed.

The deadline to be considered for the 2017 awards is June 30 and all applicant information will be kept confidential unless a recipient desires his/her name announced.

http://abcboxing.wpengine.com/charitable-fund- request