All Commissions should now have received their DUES invoice for the 2019 year, it is worth noting there has not been an increase in over 10 years. For the dues, simply follow the “View & Pay ” blue box link and you can pay right from your desktop. We would encourage all Commissions that pay dues to any other organizations, to verify they are a non-profit 501 (c) (3) registered with the IRS in good standing.   The invoice carries the tax ID number, our non-profit status, and a link to pay from your desktop, if you choose to do it electronically.  For  checks, please mail them to the address on the invoice.  

And for the upcoming Conference the end of July, early registrants will pay only the same fee as has been charged for over a decade, plus early registration for the Officials’ Training  remains at just $100 – if they are booked prior to May 31.  The ABC web gurus have made registering for the Conference this year so easy, so electronic.    The ABC has been able to maintain the Conference registration and Officials’ Training at the same rate given a decade ago, so book early.   Prior to May 31, the discounted price of $175 will hold for the Conference Registration Training. The ABC has added more activities and site perks to enjoy along with the  rate of $93 room rate (GSA rate), at this top hotel if you book early, so please visit the following link to register for the officials training and the conference:

On the Home Page of the ABC site, you will also find a link to register for the Scottsdale at McCormick Ranch hotel.  The location has so very much to offer and the Board is committed to making the experience memorable.   Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or suggestions for the Agenda.  Everyone’s input is valuable.  

Michael Mazzulli, President