2023 Annual Conference Documents

Combat Registry Update

BoxRec Update

2022 Annual Conference Documents

Effects of Weight Cutting

Anatomy of the Knockout

Transgender Athletes in Combat Sports

Sportgait Overview

Boxing Deaths Study

MMA Scoring Ladder

USADA Review

ABC MMA Committee Review

Combat Registry Update

2021 Annual Conference Documents

MMA Registry Update

BoxRec Update

2019 Annual Conference Documents

• Federal Regulations of Boxing

• Combat Sports Medical Resources

• The Future of Athlete Care

• Legal Consideration in Ringside Medicine

• WBC Weight Management Program

• Drug Testing Presentation

• Weight Cutting & Dehydration in Boxing and MMA

• Proposed Unified Rules of Amateur Kickboxing

• VADA Presentation

• New Commissioner Orientation

• MMA Records Keeper Update

• Boxing Records Keeper Update

2018 Annual Conference Documents

• 2018 MMA Records Keeper Update

• 2018 Conference Minutes

2017 Annual Conference Documents

• 2017 Conference Minutes

• 2017 Attending Commissions List

• Updated MMA Guidelines & Weight classes

• 2017 Inspector Training Presentation

• MMA Records Keeper Annual Presentation

2017 Conference Agenda

• MMA Rules and Regs 2017 Items

• ABC Proposed Unified Kickboxing Rules 5-9-17

• ABC Proposed Unified Kickboxing Rules ENDORSEMENTS 7-3-17

Historical Annual Conference Documents

2014 Convention Minutes
Red Lake Nation
Chippewa Tribe
Boxing Shows per Commission
MMA Shows per Commission
Compliance Report
Boxers over 40
Instant Replay Committee Report
Insurance for Officials
Josh Temple Documents
Fond Du Lac Report